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Frequency: Monthly

Price: ₹150

MAXIM India is India’s oldest international men’s interest magazine and is an explosive fusion of cars, gadgets, pop culture, style, action and girls. Since launch in 2006, the magazine has spotlighted the cream of Bollywood and its covers have been graced by each and every one of the industry’s leading ladies. Each issue the magazine filters out the chaff in a guy’s life and showcases the very best in life for the month. The magazine is also dedicated to bringing its style conscious readership the very best in fashion, accessories and style, dedicating almost 25% of it’s pages to tips, tricks and the latest trends to hit the high street. MAXIM India also seeks out the greatest stories and sensational reads from across India and around the world, catches time with India’s most iconic men and also takes time to make light of life. MAXIM is the complete monthly package for man.

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